Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Economic Assistance to Widows for Rehabilitation
The programme of giving support to widows is being implemented by NLRDF for the last seven years by the support of Social Defense Department, Gandhinagar.

The basic objective of this programme is to make widows independent, self sufficient and self reliant so that they can respectfully earn their livelihood.

So far 10916 widows of 20 districts of Gujarat have been covered by NLRDF under this programme and have became independent. After training follow up of the project is also carried out by NLRDF and extend financial help to the deserving widows.

Training to widows helped them to sustain and later improve upon their economic condition, and to shape their social image in the society. It also helped to access to other Government schemes which made them more strengthened in their business.

The project has not made impact only on economic condition of the beneficiaries but also social and intellectual level have improved. Initially impact started at micro level and has achieved macro level. Now economically women are so strengthened that they can run their own family and take care of their children. This change led women to transform their own lives; and the lives of their children. The project also helped women to secure and enhance incomes effectively and participate in and contribute to decision-making in domestic and public spheres.

As no. of women stated that "they achieved self-respect and self reliance through this project. They could see change in their habits and lives of their children". The women have observed that they could see a huge difference in their way of thinking, also in attitude and language. Earlier they used to live in pitiable situation and nobody paid respect to them, but now after to be sustained economically, they experience the feelings of freedom. Now they started to invest for them and for their children.

A change also occurred in surrounding. Because of their efforts, their children now started getting better education, and also their family members now support and try to understand them. All these experiences of being sustained and having ownership gave a power to feel empowered. They believe that "change is multiple – for themselves, for their children, for their families and for their communities".

Name of Project Beneficiary Areas Funding Agency
Economic Assistance to widow for Rehabilitation 10946 Widow women 20 Districts of Gujarat state Social Defenses Dept. Gandhinagar

Celebration of International Women’s Day
8 March International Women’s Day is celebrated since 100 years globally. Campaign and awareness programmes on women health camp, public speaking in schools and colleges, child health competition, rallies, dramas on HIV / AIDS are planned. More than 3000 rural women, school and college girls of Sabarkantha districts were present on 8th March 2013 at Khedbrahma.

Shri B. M. Shah, Executive Director of NLRDF talked about the programmes implemented by the organization since last 30 years. He also discussed on the programmes such as agriculture, health and SHGs. He said that coordination of Government, organization and community’s participation has contributed well in the society and has made difference in the lives of people, and this has created unique identity for the NLRDF in the surrounding districts.

Shri K. K. Shah, Additional Project Director GSACS educated the audience about the misconcepts regarding HIV /AIDS the society has about the women. He further said that 80% HIV / AIDS is spread by men. He shared some meaningful information to prevent HIV /AIDS.

Smt Chhayaben Parekh, Vice Chairman, Nagar Prathamik Shikshan Samiti, Bhavnagar explained about importance of education, health, equal rights and employment. Further she said that in all these four areas if women get opportunity and right place they can do better in the society. She said that today also in the society women are exploited and are treated lower than men, but this situation and mentality should be changed.

Meghaben Chitaliya, Advocate, Gujarat High court, Ahmedabad, she discussed on domestic violence and laws against it. She also discussed about dowry issues, physical and mental abuse, child marriage etc.

Smt. Nitaben Shah also stated that women are constantly fighting for their human as well as legal rights and equal status in the society since long. . She told that there is a trend that women are merely for household work after the marriage but now there is a time that we should throw out our year-old mentality towards the women and encourage them for education along with equalities

Name of Project Beneficiary Areas Funding Agency
Celebration & International women Day 3000 Rural women Sabarkantha Guj. State AIDS Control Society.

SHG Formation and Bank Linkages
The SHG formation and bank linkage programme has made major difference in the lives of women. Under this project SHGs members meet every month for the meetings and also have regular savings. Internal loaning in the group members, grading of the group by banks and linkages with bank has been completed in the groups. Total more than 1100 female members of Khedbrahma block were covered and benefited from the SHG. Also Leadership and record keeping training was given to the members for successful working of SHG.

Name of Project Beneficiary Areas Funding Agency
SHG formation & Bank Linkages 1100 women Khedbrhamma of Sabarkantha NABARD

Business Counselling Centre
The programme by the support of DRDA Himmatnagar focused on building capacity for starting and developing as well as various scheme of Government to the SHG members and promoting for better selection of option for business. During the period more than 375 members of SHGs of the Sabarkantha district has got benefits of the BCC and availed various information regarding economic and related activities.

Name of Project Beneficiary Areas Funding Agency
Business Counseling Center 375 women sabarkantha District Rural Deve. Agency , Sabarkantha

District Training Centre, Sabarkantha
The village level community based organization like SHGs, Watershed Committees / user groups and PRI were major stakeholders at the grass root level who work as pressure group in the process of development and even co-operate the Implementing agencies in participatory process. “ Well Capacitated community based organizations” are believed as a tool, which can bring the men and women at a common platform to discuss their issues for their economic and social development. More than 2500 members in this programme covered under various activities.

Name of Project Beneficiary Areas Funding Agency
District Training Center 2500 SHG women sabarkantha DRDA, Sabarkantha