Field Staff

The trust has total strength of more than 25 people, most of whom are in rural areas. Most of them are post graduates in various disciplines related to rural life.

Ms Nita Shah

A Bachelor in Arts and vast experience in women empowerment programme. Responsible for all women skill upgradation programmes formulation, initiation, and evaluation – directing field level staff for livelihood programmes.

Mr Vinod Desai

A bachelor and PG in Rural studies. 18 years experience in development projects. Responsible for project initiating monitoring, reporting , evolution, and supervising all field level programme as Project Administrator.

Ms Jayshree Joshi

All gujarati and English computer works, clerical works, record keeping, and stationary account.

Mr Mukesh Pandy

Master degree in Commerce and helping in implementation of field level activities and field level office work. Experience of 17 years with NLRDF

Mr Manilal Patel

Graduate in Arts and responsible for implementation of field level projects including monitoring, evaluation and reporting with core office. Since last 18 years with NLRDF

Mr Takhaji Chauhan

Helping in office work, bank and others. Also helping in filed level programme. More than 25 years experience with NLRDF.

Mr Iswar Vankar

Assisting to the staff in field level programme implementation and office assistance.